Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Freedom Of The Press

Seen today:

Blogging and PCC Regulation – A Collective Response

My first thought: why on earth would anybody consider that what bloggers do should fall within the grubby remit of the Press Complaints Commission anyway?

But this is clearly a thought-through idea, however Bloody Stupid it might be.

Over-regulation is one of the bugbears of the Left, sadly. Pity: on most ideological fronts, I'm somewhat left of centre and have always mistrusted the party that Steve Bell once, not inaccurately in my view, renamed the SelfServatives.

This is an odd situation, in many ways. The PCC is toothless largely because it's mostly not in its interest to do its job properly. It probably feels that it could do a successful job of regulating bloggers, who are largely regarded as loose cannons and -- more importantly -- Competition, but of course the hidden (?) agenda is simply to preserve the status quo and prevent as much genuine freedom of thought in order to sell newspapers / paywalled news to a public who have an easily exploited tendency to sink to the lowest common denominator at the drop of an immigration issue.

Sign the thing, then, and do it now. It shouldn't have a hope in hell of passing, but inactivity has let stupid things happen before and there's no harm in raising public awareness Just In Case.

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