Thursday, 20 August 2015

In labour

People are getting terribly exercised by the Corbyn thing in the Labour leadership race.

Seems to me that he's a natural choice. There was next to nothing to choose between the Labour and Tory parties in the general election, and it wound up being a personality contest between Cameron and Milliband. And, whatever Milliband's political sensibilities may be, his ability to engage in debate and come over as an assured, capable leader was, sadly, all but nonexistent.

So there are two things the Labour Party can do. Carry on pumping up the cult of personality and elect a leader who scrubs up nicely and says things they think the Daily Mail will look favourably upon, or try to put some clear blue water between the Tories and Labour, thereby offering a choice that's more about substance and less about personality.

Corbyn might never be Prime Minister. But he'll reconnect the Party to its roots, and I happen to think that that might be the most important thing anyone can do.