Monday, 16 April 2012

The end of the tiny adventure

This is something of a postscript to the last post in this frustratingly occasional blog. Hattie the Roborovski hamster, she of the tiny adventure and the big (if a tad grumpy) personality, passed away yesterday morning.

She was two years and eight months old. That might not sound much but, trust me, in Roborovski hamster terms, she was positively ancient. Although she'd slowed up considerably in the last few months and had struggled to cope with the climbing involved in the home she'd got out of last September and was now living in something more bungalow-like, she was still using her wheel and still enjoying making us guess whether today would be a good day for a bit of banana (or carrot, or coconut) or not right up to her last day.

The burial service was private and restricted to close family members only.

The room where she lived seems much, much emptier without her. She may have been tiny in size but we have been surprised at just how big a place in our hearts she occupied.

Requiescat in pace Hattie. 25(?)/08/09 - 15/04/12