Friday, 12 June 2009

Customising Firefox

Sometimes, I realise that my most-used Firefox (my portable one, get your own copy from here) is better than everybody else's, and I rack my brains to remember just why. I try to remember just what addons I use when I'm using someone else's Firefox (or even one of my less portable versions) and usually fail. Do I let that bother me? Hell, yes.

There's a new Firefox addon that lets you make collections of addons. (That comes from here.) I've used it to put all my addons in one place -- primarily for my own benefit, I grant, but I've left the collection publicly available because if it's good for me, it must be good for everyone, right?

You can see the collection here.

However... my portable Firefox lives on a portable hard disk, not a thumbdrive. Firefox would probably take about a month to start, loaded from a memory stick and with this many addons. Call it bloated if you like; you can take your opinion and... er, anyway, I'd only suggest you use this lot from a nice, speedy hard disk -- unless you're particularly patient, anyway.

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