Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Catch 22 strikes servers

Here's another thing. The computer system I manage has been running, rather badly, under VMWare for the last couple of years. As a result of an entirely different problem (well, sometimes it's just necessary to get people to focus for a while on one problem to bring up all the others as well) I'm now in a position to move it back to a real, honest-to-goodness, physical server.

Well, almost in a position. Obviously, there's some testing to to, and some bits to install and tweak before golive. And what we find is: since setting the previous incarnation up, Active Directory has reared its ugly head. (The Ivory Tower has to find things to justify its existence: last year's thing was AD.)

In order to follow AD policy, I have to login to the server using a non-administrative login and do everything, once I'm logged on, using "Run As..." to do things that need administrative privileges. Painful but achievable, I guess.

Thing is, policy also says that I can't login via Terminal Services (aka Remote Desktop) if I'm not an administrator. And there's no other way to login.

Sometimes, people who think they know what they're doing just don't think things through...

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